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Media 2007 Birmingham Home and Garden cover feature pg38 2008 Local Addy silver website award with CYSY 2009 Local Addy gold website award with CYSY 2009 August Scuba Diving pgs26,27 2010 Local Addy gold website award with CYSY 2010 District Addy website award with CYSY
2010 Promotional bags, “Meet the Locals” campaign Bonaire Gift Shop 2010 Mural used at the new Panama City Beach International Airport 2010 Sept/Oct Scuba Diving pg17 2011 “Africa” published through Blurb 2011 Sport Diver “World’s Best Diving and Resorts” pg37 2011 Jan/Feb Scuba Diving pg 26 2011 Caradonna Worldwide Adventures Catalogue pgs 12,16,22,70,88 2012 Digital edition Delta Sky Magazine 2012 Print add for Caradonna featured in Scuba Diving and Sport Diver 2012 Caradonaa Underwater Journal issue 24, issue 25 2012 Sport Diver “World’s Best Diving and Resorts” 2012 Jan/Feb Sport Diver pg61 2012 Jan/Feb Scuba Diving pgs 33,18,19 2012 September Sport Diver pgs 61,65 2012 October Sport Diver pg17 2012 Nov/Dec Sport Diver pg50 2013 Jan/Feb Sport Diver pg28 2013 Jan/Feb Scuba Diving pg16,54 2013 Caradonna Dive Travel Guide pg62 2013 PADI Travel brochure pg57 2013 Sport Diver Special Editions pg33 2013 Scuba Diving July pg8 2013 Sport Diver July pg4,10,63-69 2013 Sport Diver September pg66,68 2013 Scuba Diving Sept/Oct pg37 2014 Sport Diver special editions pg 8,9,26,27 2014 Scuba Diving June pg 40 2014 Sport Diver June pg 46-53 article plus photos 2014 Sport Diver July 2014 Sport Diver Jan/Feb pg.26 2015 Sport Diver March pg41,62,65. 2015 May Unterwasser pgs42,44,45 2015 July Sport Diver pg68 2015 May Sport Diver pgs47-53 2015 December Sport Diver pg 66 2016 Jan/Feb Sport Diver pg44 2017 Sport Diver Worlds Best pg13,39 2017 Jan/Feb Scuba Diving pg40 2017 June Sport Diver pg49-55 2018 Jan/Feb Sport Diver pg61 2018 Jan B-Metro pgs 78-79

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