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Raised in Alabama, I spent my summers in the Gulf of Mexico. At the age of 7, my dad gave me the greatest gift I have ever received. He took me on my first dive, a shore dive in the gulf. A stingray swam past us as sunlight danced along the sandy bottom and I forever fell in love with the underwater world. The joy of diving carried me well beyond the borders of my Alabama home to Papua New Guines, the Solomon Islands, the Seychelles and many more. It wasn’t until after I completed my degree in Architecture from Auburn University, that I discovered an interest in photography and a new series of underwater adventures began. Now I am never in the water without a camera. I have been fortunate to publish many of my images and I hope the photos and videos you see here will inspire you to get out and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and protect that beauty for the next generation.
Enjoy the adventure!
Jennifer O’Neil

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